Aluminum Wire

Aluminum wiring does not need to be replaced. 

Re-conditioning is an economical method available to make an aluminum system reliable, safe, and copper compatible.

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What can be done to make Aluminum wire safe?

Burton Electric Inc. can help by inspecting and re-conditioning your aluminum wires, so your system is reliable, safe, and copper compatible. We will inspect every plug, switch, light fixture, and fuse or breaker panel for signs of failure and overheating. Burton Electric of Toronto understands the special techniques required for working with aluminum wire, such as adding copper tails to the ends of the wire. This is important so that the homeowner can install common electrical devices onto their system (E.g. changing your switches and plugs). Electrical items purchased at your local stores, such as lights, plugs, and switches, are not aluminum compatible. They are designed for copper wire.

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Insurance Issues

Homeowners with aluminum wiring are finding that many insurers will not provide or renew insurance coverage on their homes unless the electrical work is inspected by the ESA and a ‘Certificate of Inspection’ is provided to the insurer.

Our residential electricians are qualified to perform the type of electrical work you require and a ‘Certificate of Inspection’, will be issued to you, from the ESA, when the work is completed.

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Burton Electric Inc. offers creative solutions and qualified electricians to make your home safe and comfortable. Our work is competitively priced and backed by a one-year guarantee on labour. Our materials carry the manufacturer’s warranty.

Burton Electric will apply for an electrical permit on your behalf! We will make arrangements to have the work inspected by an ESA inspector and, upon passing, issue a ‘Certificate of Inspection’ to you. Please keep a copy in your records for future use. Contact us online to get started!

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