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Electrical devices found in today's modern bathrooms

Hair dryer, curling iron, hair straightener, razor, trimmer, tooth brushes, make up lights, centre lights, shower/tub lights, exhaust fan, Jacuzzi tub, sauna, steam shower, towel warmers, heat lamps, heated floors, and televisions.

With all the electrical comforts in today’s bathroom, it’s important to safeguard your family, with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupting (GFCI) protection, on your plugs and appliances (E.g. Jacuzzi tubs and steam showers).

A GFCI can cut off the power to the outlet within 1/30 of a second, saving you or your loved one’s life, in the event you accidentally touch a live wire, in a wet area or drop an electrical appliance in the bathtub.

The best thing you can do for yourself, is to have an ESA electrical permit and inspection.

Insist that your General Contractor produce an electrical permit and inspection before you make your final payment.

Don’t fall for the old “You don’t need a permit” or “You don’t want an Inspector in your home,” lines. ESA inspectors are there for you and your home’s protection. They are not the ‘bad guys’. Inspectors are there to look at the work being done under your permit. They are not there to inspect your entire home.

“They are a very knowledgeable and approachable group of men and women”… - Mark Burton.

Burton Electric Inc. offers creative solutions and qualified electricians to make your home safe and comfortable. Our work is competitively priced and backed by a one-year guarantee on labour. Our materials carry the manufacturer’s warranty.

Burton Electric will apply for an electrical permit on your behalf! We will make arrangements to have the work inspected by an ESA inspector and, upon passing, issue a ‘Certificate of Inspection’ to you. Please keep a copy in your records for future use.

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