Home Wiring

New Home or Renovation

Burton Electric Inc. will make sure:

· The service feeding your home is large enough to meet your needs, today and into the future.

· The ‘big ticket’ electrical devices are on dedicated circuits? (E.g. Stove, fridge, dryer, furnace, hot water tank, kitchen counter plugs.)

· GFCI plugs are being used in the right places (kitchens, bathrooms, wet and exterior areas.)

· ARC fault breakers are installed where required.

· All plugs, lights, switches and appliances are properly grounded and bonded.

· To use the right pot lights in the right locations.

· To use tamper resistant plugs.

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When you hire Burton Electric, it is your guarantee that we are:

· Qualified to perform the type of electrical work you require.

· Fully insured and licenced.

· Able to obtain ESA electrical permits and arrange inspections.

· Able to provide written estimates, references and a ‘Certificate of Inspection’, from the ESA when the work is completed.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to have an ESA electrical permit and inspection.

Burton Electric Inc. offers creative solutions and qualified electricians to make your home safe and comfortable. Our work is competitively priced and backed by a one-year guarantee on labour. Our materials carry the manufacturer’s warranty.

Burton Electric will apply for an electrical permit on your behalf! We will make arrangements to have the work inspected by an ESA inspector and, upon passing, issue a ‘Certificate of Inspection’ to you. Please keep a copy in your records for future use.

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