LED Pot Lights

There Are Two Main Types of Pot Lights

It is very important to use the right pot light for the job – there are ones for use in ceilings that have insulation, referred to as I.C. (Insulation Contact) pot lights and ones that don’t, N.I.C (Non Insulation Contact). Using the wrong one could cause a fire.

POT lights big.jpg


The choice of pot light bulbs is varied. Choosing the right bulb for the job can be a very personal, ‘lifestyle’ choice. It is important to match the right light colour to your needs. There are two standard operating colors know as ‘warm’ and ‘cool white’. Cool white is a bright white light that is very good for doing tasks. Warm is a softer light that is good for setting a room’s ambiance. There are also several operating styles to choose from such as low voltage, line voltage, LED, and fluorescent bulbs... just to name a few.



One of the nicest qualities of a good pot light is it’s ability to update it’s look simply by changing the trim.

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