Service Upgrades


Typical household electrical devices in a 2 – 4 bedroom home.

1950’s – 60 amp service. Lights, plugs, fridge, stove, toaster, furnace, dryer, hot water tank, radio, one black and white TV.

1980’s – 100 amp service. All of the above plus dishwasher, microwave, kitchen appliances, freezer, stereo’s, cable TV boxes, multiple colour TV’s, pools, saunas, large electrical tools in the garage and workshop.

2014 – 200 amp service. All of the above plus computer hard drives and monitors, modem, fax machine, printer, scanner, video game consoles, entertainment units, pot lights, multiple kitchen counter top appliance, basement apartments, home offices, hot tubs, swim lanes, heated floors, additional living space from renovations.

Types of Services

service upgrades - types of services.png

Burton Electric Inc. is a fully licensed and insured electrical contracting company that specializes in Knob & Tube replacement.

We offer creative solutions and qualified electricians to make your home safe and comfortable. Our work is competitively priced and backed by a one-year guarantee on labor. Our materials carry the manufacturer’s warranty.

Burton Electric will apply for an electrical permit on your behalf. Make arrangements to have the work inspected by an ESA inspector and upon passing, issue a ‘Certificate of Inspection’. Keep a copy in your records for future use.

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